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Afrimole Business Directory Online  is South Africa’s Premier Online Business Directory!

At Afrimole Business Directory Online, we provide outstanding Online advertising opportunities to all major sectors of business in South Africa. We list  Accommodation, Government, Education, Travel/Tourism and Business Services .  Afrimole provides valuable resources for companies that seek to promote their businesses to a wide audience at affordable prices. We focus on delivering results-orientated marketing and advertising and aim to form prosperous marketing partnerships with our clients to ensure that their objectives are not only achieved, but surpassed as well.


The internet is home to the largest consumer market in the world. According to recent reports for internet usage in South Africa, we now have almost 26.5 million regular internet users.  Which is a staggering number given our relatively small population. Gone are the days when listing your local business in the Local Directory is seen as best practice to effectively advertise your company. Internet search engines are now the number one platform for business advertising.. It can be readily found in a search engine, you’re ensuring that your company receives maximum exposure to potential consumers.


Listing your local business with South African Business Directory Online provides a powerful and cost-effective way to propel your business’s success and fortune. Online technology sectors constantly moving forward at breakneck speed. We pay careful attention to ensure that our software is always updated to the latest and most advanced software architecture. Listing your South African business with us is a very simple and straightforward process.

We offer a range of advertising packages to suit the needs of all business sizes and budgets. We have Basic Data Listing packages which include Company Name/Classification/Phone/Fax/Address. We have our Rotating Premium Banner package which allows you have your business advertised on the centre of the Afrimole homepage. All directory listing packages from the General Business Listing through to the Gold Business Listing come standard with a hyperlink to your company website along with any email addresses you may have to ensure that all potential clients have direct and immediate access to your online business site and all relevant contact information.

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